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Ambie Sound Upgrade Pro Earring Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Ambie Sound Upgrade Pro Earring Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

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Upgrade Plus For Ambie Sound Earcuffs 1:1 Ear Earring Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Auriculares Headset TWS Sport Earbuds.


Product details


  • Weight:(Body) about 4.2 grams per ear (Case) about 25 grams
  • Size:(Body) 20.9 mm x 27.9 mm x 14.1 mm (Case) 37.3mm x 66mm x 21.2mm
  • Battery Method:Lithium-ion battery (30 MAH) Continuous Play
  • Communication Method:Bluetooth Ver5.3.
  • Time:6 hours plus 24 hours in charging case
  • Waterproof Performance: IPX5 - charging case is non-waterproof
  • Continuous Play Time:6 hours plus 24 hours in charging case

Product Description

  1. Innovative wireless earring Bluetooth 5.3/comfortable to wear/full compatibility
  2. Innovation is not in the ear and more comfortable to wear Ear-clip type wearing, no need to enter the ear to reduce the irritation to the ear canal, more comfortable to wear without feeling
  3. Endurance to meet all-day demand The large-capacity charging bin can last up to 36 hours with music for a long time
  4. Fully compatible with fast back-connection Apple Android headset will automatically connect back to the device after the second connection
  5. Immersive stereo surround sound effect Optimize the depth of sound and the sense of space, and professional tuning will bring you a full three-dimensional sense of presence
  6. HF level sound quality to hear every detail Professional tuning blessing, more rich details
  7. Comfortable to wear as light as nothing Ear clip type does not enter the ear, does not plug the ear, says goodbye to blocking, reduces the burden for the ear
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